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Identification Help?
I'm getting interested in crystals again and was almost ready to buy some more but I realized I'm not using and don't remember the names of stones I already have... Oops.

The ones I know are labeled:

& Closer pics of some ones I don't know that might be hard to see well in the first photo:

One of the three in the top right corner of the first picture, trying to show that it's clear & brown in the light:

Also about the citrine, I think the one on the right might be plastic or glass but I'm not really sure, it just seems really fake. The other two I'm guessing are heated amethyst?

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help! :)
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From: (Anonymous) Date: March 20th, 2013 09:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
Upper left is snowflake obsidian, and immediately to its right you've got a moonstone. The ones in the upper right, per your detail pics, are smoky quartz. In the lower left, the red one could be a red jasper but I'd need a closer look to tell, the dark blue is most likely sodalite (although there are a few other possibilities), the yellowy-ochre one is almost certainly some type of jasper, and the purplish one might be lepidolite but it might also be dyed howlite or something, can't see it well enough.

Don't have enough visual info on the blue-green one or the greyish-blueish one in the middle, and most citrine out there is heat-treated and the ones you've shown look to be no exception. I don't think I could tell you what the odd one out is without touching it, though. Oh, and the blue one below the smoky quartz I can't tell for sure without better pics, but looks like it might be a dyed agate.
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